An award-winning documentary producer, Dianne Becker is unique in the world of television, because she can often be found doing a bit of everything: writing, directing, producing, shooting, editing. She credits the University of Missouri School of Journalism for a well-rounded education. Or perhaps it was growing up on a farm in rural America, where everyone did everything.

Working in five television markets – as a news reporter, producer, and news management, producing PM MAGAZINE, documentaries and public service campaigns – Becker has held numerous jobs in a variety of locations and garnered numerous awards, including a regional Emmy, 13 Emmy nominations and a New York Festival Silver.

Leaving the northeast television markets, Becker made it her job to see the world – traveling throughout Europe, and into the eastern and southern hemispheres.

Seven years later, she took a leave of absence from her job at the CBS affiliate in St. Louis, and embarked on a sabbatical year of helping others. From building homes in Guatemala to producing videos in Sri Lanka, the adventure didn’t let her return, but re-directed her career to producing documentaries around the world. Her list of countries reads like a National Geographic index.

Journey Into the Amazon, a series connected to the true story of 1956 when five men were killed in Ecuador. Traveling with the families back to visit the tribe who killed their loved ones, Becker shot and edited the series, which aired on FaithTV.

MISSION, a series Becker produced and hosted with missionary Steve Saint, features many of the documentary shorts Becker produced around the world. Airing on FaithTV and Angel One on the DISH satellite. ​MISSION​ earned the Silver Crown Aware and is featured on Netflix. 

The Yali Story, a half-hour documentary about a tribe in the mountains of Papua, Indonesia, has been awarded the Houston International Film Festival Bronze Award, a Silver Crown Award and the Yali Stone Ax Award.

Becker has worked on two feature films as assistant to the producer, Christmas Child (2002) and End of the Spear (2004). 

Becker serves on the board of the Brackett Foundation, which helps educate Burmese refugees and The Micah Project, giving opportunities to street kids in Honduras.

Becker has been a private pilot since her college days, flying the family Cherokee Six. She’s an open-water certified scuba diver. Although she lives out of a suitcase, home is the family farm where she is sometimes found driving big machinery or checking cattle.