about Dianne

producer ~ videographer ~ documentarian

An award-winning documentary producer, Dianne Becker is unique in the world of television, because she can often be found doing a bit of everything: writing, directing, producing, shooting, editing. She credits the University of Missouri School of Journalism for a well-rounded education. Or perhaps it was growing up on a farm in rural America, where everyone did everything.

Working in five television markets – as a news reporter, producer, and news management, producing PM MAGAZINE, documentaries and public service campaigns – Becker has held numerous jobs in a variety of locations and garnered numerous awards, including a regional Emmy, 13 Emmy nominations and a New York Festival Silver.

Leaving the northeast television markets, Becker made it her job to see the world – traveling throughout Europe, and into the eastern and southern hemispheres.

Seven years later, she took a leave of absence from her job at the CBS affiliate in St. Louis, and embarked on a sabbatical year of helping others. From building homes in Guatemala to producing videos in Sri Lanka, the adventure…